Patch Notes - Version 01/15/15

Jan 17 2015

  • adjustments to servers to better balance load
  • Fixes for some server disconnections
  • Improvements to overall connections (G29 and G99 errors)
  • Adjustments to game exit-to-desktop when disconnected (still tracking down more)
  • Improvements to server selection screen
  • Adjustments to loot spawning in both regular and Battle Royale maps
  • Adjustments and performance adjustments to weather system
  • Fixed a few servers that were set to the wrong modes
  • You should no longer be able to cause bleeding on other players in the PvE servers
  • Reduced some timers for crafting
  • Performance adjustments for weather effects
  • stability improvements
  • minimum players required to allow airdrops increased from 100 to 120
  • Blackberry Juice\'s bulk reduced from 100 to 50


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